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IT Business Direction provides businesses with information technology advice and leadership based upon 25+ years of experience in the field, complemented by a keen awareness of the most recent trends. For your needs in networking, applications and infrastructure, we can provide the advice to help make a decision, and coordinate resources to make the solution a reality.

Whether called information technology (IT), management information systems (MIS), or electronic data processing (EDP), the practice remains more a reflection of the rapid change within the field rather than any difference in underlying principles. The field of IT has always encompassed the accumulation, manipulation, presentation, and distribution of data. While data representations today look very similar to those of 40 years ago, the collective assimilation of that data with other related data, presentation characteristics, and delivery mechanisms, makes information of today a powerful tool that should be leveraged to the maximum by today's businesses.

To achieve this maximum utilization of your information assets, one needs to navigate the variety of tools and techniques available, both currently within your organization and the marketplace. These tools used to accumulate, manipulate, present, and distribute however, constantly change. Surprisingly though, the tools rarely provide new result capabilities. They usually focus on speeding the development or execution process, or both.

IT Business Direction is postioned to be your "Technology Steering Committee", a partner to help guide you through the complexities of today's computing environment. Call us at 630-513-1450 to see how we can help you achieve business goals by leveraging information technologies.





Business Assessments - A thorough review of your business to identify technology opportunities. These may exist in the form of underutilized assets, poor control framework, or business inefficiencies. The assessment may suggest technology disposal, reconfiguration, or acquisition to improve efficiency and control, or boost revenue.

IT Planning - With a clear understanding of business goals and the computing environmment, planning creates the roadmap to achieve maximum technology benefit within time and budgetary constraints.

IT Management - Sound IT Management ensures the successful execution of IT Planning. Regular review of the evolving computing environment and comparison to the plan, will ensure goals are met and the plan is adjusted as appropriate. This is particularly important due to the rapid rate of change in the technology market.

Consultation - Sometimes, unbiased advice will provide the guidance necessary to make sound decisiion. IT Business Direction is here to provide technology advice to ensure your business goals are achieved.

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